James T. Welch



James T. Welch Score

2019-2020: 191st Legislature

01/06/2021Senate # 480 Raise Fees on Uber and Lyft Passed
01/04/2021Senate #399 Final Conference Report Climate Change Bill Passed
11/17/2020Senate #286 Rebuild State Rainy Day Fund Failed
07/16/2020Senate #236 Removing Potential New Taxes from Bond Bill Failed
07/16/2020Senate #238 Senate Transportation Bond Bill Passed
06/16/2020Senate #198 Assuring Transparency in Processing Vote by Mail Ballots Failed
01/30/2020Senate #161 Require Actions of New Climate Change Bureaucratic Commission be Public Failed
01/30/2020Senate #165 Cost Estimate of New Energy Efficiency Standards Failed
01/30/2020Senate #166 Applying CA Style Regulations in MA Passed
01/30/2020Senate #171 Passing Statewide Carbon Tax Bill Passed
01/30/2020Senate #172 Passing Electric Vehicle Subsidies and Charging Station Mandates Passed
11/20/2019Senate #150 Plastic Bag Ban and Paper or Reusable Bag Fee Passed
09/19/2019Senate #92 Override the Governor's Veto of the Janus-Fix Bill Passed
07/25/2019Senate #85 Governor's Amendment to Janus-Fix Bill Failed
06/27/2019Senate #80 Passage of Union Intimidation Legisation Passed
06/27/2019Senate #79 Protecting Public Employees Personal Information Failed
06/27/2019Senate #77 Requiring Consent for Unions to Aquire Personal Contact Information Failed
06/27/2019Senate #76 Not requiring Public Employees to Meet with Unions Upon Hire Failed
06/12/2019Senate #67 Ensuring that Funds Appropriated are in Addition to and Not In Lieu of Funds Already Appropriated Failed
06/12/2019Senate #68 Exempt Small Businesses Filing Taxes as S Corporations from Tax Increase Failed
06/12/2019Senate #72 Education and Transportation Trust Fund Failed
06/12/2019Senate #73 Forwarding a Constitutional Amendment for a Graduated Income Tax Passed
05/23/2019Senate #56 Integrity of State Employee Credit Card Usage Failed
05/23/2019Senate #51 Increased Funds to Mass Cultural Council Passed
05/23/2019Senate #57 Apply Prevailing Wage to Janitor and Maintenance Workers Passed
05/21/2019Senate #26 More Than Double Deeds Filing Fee to Fund CPA Passed
04/25/2019Senate #19 Override Governor’s Veto of Legislation Lifting the Welfare Cap Passed
01/31/2019Senate #6 Put Joint Financial Audits Online Passed
01/31/2019Senate #5 Adequate Time to Review Conference Committee Reports Failed
01/31/2019Senate #2 Make Joint Committee Votes Available to the Public Online Passed
01/31/2019Senate #10 Numbers of Bills Considered at a Hearing Failed
01/31/2019Senate #11 Not Allowing Tax Increase to be Snuck Through Informal Session Failed