Override Governor’s Veto of Legislation Lifting the Welfare Cap Senate #19

Vote Description

This was a vote to override the Governor’s veto of H.3594, An Act to lift the cap on kids. This bill removes taxpayer protections that prevent welfare recipients from collecting public funds for children born AFTER the parent's initial determination of eligibility for welfare programs. These protection were originally put in place to disincentive people from having children solely for the reason of increasing monthly welfare payments.

Mass Fiscal Explanation

Mass Fiscal supports sustaining the Governor's veto of this bill because reforms must be implemented prior to removal of the welfare cap. Some MA taxpayers, who do not qualify for state welfare aid, make the decision to not have children for financial considerations. We do not believe this is an undue burden and one which people recieving state assistance are similarly capable of shouldering. Link to bill: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/191/H3594/BillHistory?pageNumber=2 Link to Senate Roll Calls for this bill. Refer to #21: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/191/H3594/RollCall

Mass Fiscal's Stance

Vote result on 04/25/2019




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Michael BarrettThird Middlesex 10%
Joe BoncoreFirst Suffolk and Middlesex 10%
Michael Brady2nd Plymouth and Bristol 10%
William N. BrownsbergerSecond Suffolk and Middlesex 10%
Harriette L. ChandlerFirst Worcester 10%
Sonia Chang-DiazSecond Suffolk 10%
Nick CollinsFourth Suffolk 10%
Jo ComefordHampshire, Franklin & Worcester 10%
Cynthia Stone CreemFirst Middlesex and Norfolk 10%
Brendan P. Crighton3rd Essex 10%
Julian CyrCape and Islands 10%
Viriato Manuel deMacedoPlymouth and Barnstable 76%
Sal N. DiDomenicoMiddlesex and Suffolk 10%
Diana DiZoglio1st Essex 24%
James B. EldridgeMiddlesex and Worcester 14%
Ryan C. FattmanWorcester and Norfolk 97%
Paul R FeeneyBristol and Norfolk 14%
Barry R. FinegoldSecond Essex and Middlesex 10%
Cindy FriedmanFourth Middlesex 10%
Anne M. GobiWorcester, Hampden, Hampshire, and Middlesex 28%
Adam G. HindsBerkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden 12%
Donald F. HumasonSecond Hampden and Hampshire 76%
Patricia D. JehlenSecond Middlesex 10%
John F. KeenanNorfolk and Plymouth 10%
Edward Kennedy1st Middlesex 10%
Eric P. LesserFirst Hampden and Hampshire 10%
Jason M. LewisFifth Middlesex 10%
Joan B. LovelySecond Essex 10%
Mark C. MontignySecond Bristol and Plymouth 17%
Michael O. MooreSecond Worcester 24%
Patrick O'ConnorPlymouth and Norfolk 48%
Marc R. PachecoFirst Plymouth and Bristol 17%
Becca RauschNorfolk, Bristol & Middlesex 14%
Michael J. RodriguesFirst Bristol and Plymouth 10%
Michael F. RushNorfolk and Suffolk 10%
Karen SpilkaSecond Middlesex and Norfolk 6%
Bruce E. TarrFirst Essex and Middlesex 62%
Walter F. TimiltyNorfolk, Bristol and Plymouth 17%
Dean TranWorcester and Middlesex 83%
James T. WelchHampden 10%