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2021-2022: 192nd Legislature

06/09/2022Senate #188 Final Conference Committee Report to Make Vote By Mail Permanent Passed
06/09/2022Senate #185 Override Governor's Veto of Driver's Licenses for Illegals Passed
05/26/2022Seante #180 Weakening Election Integrity: State Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Passed
05/25/2022Senate #177 Gas Tax and other Tax Relief Failed
04/14/2022Senate #155 Vote to ban the sales of non-zero-emissions vehicles by 2035 and more Passed
03/24/2022Senate #139 Suspend the State Gas Tax Failed
10/06/2021Senate #95 Make Vote By Mail Permanent and Add Same Day Voter Registration Passed
07/29/2021Senate #69 Further Delay Implementation of Charitable Giving Tax Deduction Passed
07/01/2021Senate #52 Vote to Increase Cost of New Soldiers Home Passed
06/09/2021Senate #48 Forwarding a Constitutional Amendment for a Graduated Income Tax Passed
04/29/2021Senate #27 Extreme Project Labor Agreements for new Holyoke Soldiers Home Passed
03/18/2021Senate #23 Enhancing Penalties for Unemployment Fraud Failed
03/15/2021Senate #19 Slightly Amended Climate Change Bill Passed
02/11/2021Senate #2 Longer Review Time for Budget Bill Failed
02/11/2021Senate #10 15 Minutes Review Time for Redrafted Amendments Failed
02/11/2021Senate #17 One Week Notice for Public Hearing of Joint Committee Passed
02/11/2021Senate #16 72 Hours Review Time of Conference Committee Reports Before Consideration Failed
02/11/2021Senate #15 30 Minutes to Review Matters of the Day before Start Failed
02/11/2021Senate #14 72 Hour Review Time for Bills Before Vote Failed
02/11/2021Senate #11 Public participation in Hearings Failed
02/11/2021Senate #8 Broadcast Informal Sessions Live Passed
02/11/2021Senate #7 48 Hours to Propose Amendments to Appropriations Bill Failed
02/11/2021Senate #5 No Formal Session within 8 Hours of Eachother Failed
02/11/2021Senate #4 2/3 Agreement to go past 10 P.M. Failed
02/11/2021Senate #3 Unanimous Consent to go Past Midnight Failed