Increase Transparency by Implementing Minimum Review Time of Late Amendments House #4

Vote Description

This was a vote on amendment #7 to H.2023, House Rules for the 193rd legislative session. This amendment calls for all amendments that are submitted after a formal session is called to order, be available via electronic copy to House Members and the public, as well as providing the Members with a paper copy at their seat. Such amendments shall be given 30 minutes review time before being taken up for consideration unless a roll call vote with two thirds support agrees otherwise. It also says that this rule shall not be suspended unless by unanimous consent of the members present. Find a link to the bill here:

Mass Fiscal Explanation

MassFiscal supports a yes vote in support of transparency and good government practices.

Mass Fiscal's Stance

Fiscal Responsibility Vote

Good Government Vote

Vote result on 02/01/2023




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James ArcieroSecond Middlesex 0%
James Arena-DeRosa8th Middlesex 0%
Jennifer Armini8th Essex 0%
Shirley Arriaga8th Hampden 0%
Brian M. AsheSecond Hampden 0%
Bruce J. AyersFirst Norfolk 0%
Ruth B. BalserTwelfth Middlesex 0%
Christine P. Barber34th Middlesex 0%
John BarrettFirst Berkshire 0%
F. Jay BarrowsFirst Bristol 50%
Donnie R. Berthiaume5th Worcester 75%
David Biele4th Suffolk 0%
Natalie Blais1st Franklin 0%
Nicholas A. BoldygaThird Hampden 88%
Antonio F.D. CabralThirteenth Bristol 0%
Dan CahillTenth Essex 0%
Pete Capano11th Essex 0%
Dan Carey2rd Hampshire 0%
Gerard Cassidy9th Plymouth 0%
Simon Cataldo14th Middlesex 0%
Tackey ChanSecond Norfolk 0%
Michelle Ciccolo15th Middlesex 0%
Mike Connolly26th Middlesex 13%
Rob Consalvo14th Suffolk 0%
Edward F. CoppingerTenth Suffolk 0%
Manny Cruz7th Essex 0%
Mark J. CusackFifth Norfolk 0%
Josh S. CutlerSixth Plymouth 0%
Angelo L. D'EmiliaEighth Plymouth 75%
Michael Day31st Middlesex 0%
Marjorie C. DeckerTwenty-Fifth Middlesex 0%
David F. DeCoste5th Plymouth 75%
Kip Diggs2nd Barnstable 0%
Carol DohertyThird Bristol 0%
Mindy Domb3rd Hampshire 0%
Kate Donaghue19th Worcester 0%
Daniel M. Donahue16th Worcester 0%
Paul J. DonatoThirty-Fifth Middlesex 0%
William Driscoll7th Norfolk 0%
Michelle M. DuBois10th Plymouth 0%
Patricia Duffy5th Hampden 0%
Peter DurantSixth Worcester 75%
Rodney Elliot16th Middlesex 0%
Tricia Farley-BouvierThird Berkshire 0%
Kimberly N. FergusonFirst Worcester 50%
Dylan FernandesBarnstable, Dukes and Nantucket 0%
Ann-Margaret FerranteFifth Essex 0%
Michael J. FinnSixth Hampden 0%
Carole Fiola6th Bristol 0%
Christopher Flanagan1st Barnstable 0%
Brandy Fluker Oakley12th Suffolk 0%
Paul K. FrostSeventh Worcester 75%
William C. GalvinSixth Norfolk 0%
Sean GarballeyTwenty-Third Middlesex 0%
Judith Garcia11th Suffolk 0%
Denise C. GarlickThirteenth Norfolk 0%
Colleen M. GarryThirty-Sixth Middlesex 13%
Carmine Gentile13th Middlesex 0%
Jessica Giannino16th Suffolk 0%
Susan Williams GiffordSecond Plymouth 75%
Carlos Gonzalez10th Hampden 0%
Ken GordonTwenty-First Middlesex 0%
Danielle W. GregoireFourth Middlesex 0%
Patricia A. HaddadFifth Bristol 0%
Richard Haggerty30th Middlesex 0%
Ryan Hamilton15th Essex 0%
James HawkinsSecond Bristol 0%
Chris Hendricks11th Bristol 0%
Natalie Higgins4th Worcester 0%
Kate HoganThird Middlesex 0%
Russell E. HolmesSixth Suffolk 0%
Kevin G. HonanSeventeenth Suffolk 0%
Vanna Howard17th Middlesex 0%
Steven S. HowittFourth Bristol 75%
Daniel Hunt13th Suffolk 0%
Bradley H. JonesTwentieth Middlesex 75%
Hannah Kane11th Worcester 75%
Patrick Kearney4th Plymouth 0%
Mary S. KeefeFifteenth Worcester 0%
Sally Kerans13th Essex 0%
Kay KhanEleventh Middlesex 0%
Meghan Kilcoyne12th Worcester 0%
Michael Kushmerek3rd Worcester 0%
Kathy LaNatra12th Plymouth 0%
John J. LawnTenth Middlesex 0%
David LeBoeuf17th Worcester 0%
Jack Patrick Lewis7th Middlesex 0%
David Paul LinskyFifth Middlesex 0%
Kate Lipper-GarabedianThirty-Second Middlesex 0%
Jay LivingstoneEighth Suffolk 0%
Marc T. LombardoTwenty-Second Middlesex 88%
Adrian Madaro1st Suffolk 0%
John J. MahoneyThirteenth Worcester 0%
Ronald MarianoThird Norfolk 0%
Christopher M. MarkeyNinth Bristol 0%
Joseph W. McGonagle28th Middlesex 0%
Joseph D. McKenna18th Worcester 75%
Paul McMurtryEleventh Norfolk 0%
Rita Mendes11th Plymouth 0%
Joan Meschino3rd Plymouth 0%
Aaron M. MichlewitzThird Suffolk 0%
Rady Mom18th Middlesex 0%
Sam Montaño 15th Suffolk 0%
Michael J. MoranEighteenth Suffolk 0%
Frank A. MoranSeventeenth Essex 0%
David Muradian9th Worcester 75%
Mathew J. Muratore1st Plymouth 83%
James M. MurphyFourth Norfolk 0%
Brian Murray10th Worcester 0%
Tram Nguyen18th Essex 0%
James J. O'DayFourteenth Worcester 0%
Norm Orrall12th Bristol 75%
Steve Owens29th Middlesex 0%
Jerald A. ParisellaSixth Essex 0%
Francisco Paulino16th Essex 0%
Sarah K. PeakeFourth Barnstable 0%
Kelly Pease4th Hampden 75%
Alice Hanlon PeischFourteenth Norfolk 0%
Ted Phillips8th Norfolk 0%
William Smitty PignatelliFourth Berkshire 0%
Angelo J. PuppoloTwelfth Hampden 0%
Orlando Ramos9th Hampden 0%
Adrianne Ramos14th Essex 0%
Estela Reyes4th Essex 0%
David Robertson19th Middlesex 0%
John H. RogersTwelfth Norfolk 0%
David M. RogersTwenty-Fourth Middlesex 0%
Jeffrey N. RoyTenth Norfolk 0%
Daniel Ryan2nd Suffolk 0%
Lindsay Sabadosa1st Hampshire 0%
Jon Santiago9th Suffolk 0%
Aaron Saunders7th Hampden 0%
Adam Scanlon14th Bristol 0%
Paul A. SchmidEighth Bristol 0%
Danillo SenaThirty-Seventh Middlesex 13%
Dawn Shand1st Essex 0%
Alan SilviaSeventh Bristol 0%
Todd M. SmolaFirst Hampden 75%
Michael Soter8th Worcester 75%
Priscila Sousa6th Middlesex 0%
Thomas M. StanleyNinth Middlesex 0%
William M. StrausTenth Bristol 0%
Alyson Sullivan-Almeida7th Plymouth 75%
Jeffrey TurcoNineteenth Suffolk 13%
Chynah Tyler7th Suffolk 0%
Steven Ultrino33rd Middlesex 0%
Erika Uyterhoeven27th Middlesex 13%
Andy VargasThird Essex 0%
Marcus Vaughn9th Norfolk 75%
David T. VieiraThird Barnstable 75%
Tommy Vitolo15th Norfolk 0%
Tom Walsh12th Essex 0%
Susannah M. Whipps2nd Franklin 0%
Bud Williams11th Hampden 0%
Donald H. WongNinth Essex 75%
Christopher Worrell5th Suffolk 0%
Steve Xiarhos5th Barnstable 75%
Jonathan D. ZlotnikSecond Worcester 0%