Alice Hanlon Peisch

Fourteenth Norfolk


Alice Hanlon Peisch Score

2019-2020: 191st Legislature

07/24/2019House #85 $1.3 Billion GreenWorks Bond Bill Passed
07/22/2019House #84 Governor's Amendment to Janus-Fix Bill Failed
06/12/2019House #71 Ensuring that Funds Appropriated are in Addition to and Not In Lieu of Funds Already Appropriated Failed
06/12/2019House #72 Exempt Small Businesses Filing Taxes as S Corporations from Tax Increase Failed
06/12/2019House #76 Education and Transportation Trust Fund Failed
06/12/2019House #77 Forwarding a Constitutional Amendment for a Graduated Income Tax Passed
06/05/2019House #62 Allow Unions Access to Work Contact Only Failed
06/05/2019House #63 Don't Allow Unions Access to Cell Phone Numbers Failed
06/05/2019House #64 Requires Personal Information to be Confidential Failed
06/05/2019House #65 Unions Should Have Responsibility to Protect Private Contact Information Failed
06/05/2019House #66 Eliminate Unions Access to Public Email Server Failed
06/05/2019House #67 Allows for Union Meeting with Employee to be Recorded Failed
06/05/2019House #68 Allow Public Employee Opportunity to Opt-Out of Sharing Contact Info Failed
06/05/2019House #69 Require Authorization of Public Employee Contact Information Release Failed
06/05/2019House #70 Passage of Union Intimidation Legisation Passed
04/10/2019House #35 Override Governor’s Veto of Legislation Lifting the Welfare Cap Passed
01/30/2019House #25 Public Access to Informal Sessions Online Failed
01/30/2019House #24 Make Joint Committee Votes Available to the Public Failed
01/30/2019House #20 Adequate Time to File Amendments Failed
01/30/2019House #16 Term Limits for House Speaker Failed
01/30/2019House #15 Not Allowing Tax Increase to be Snuck Through Informal Session Failed
01/30/2019House #13 Make Committee Votes Available to the Public Failed
01/30/2019House #12 Adequate Review Time for Consolidated Amendments Failed
01/30/2019House #9 House Audits Posted Online Failed
01/30/2019House #8 Committee Vote Procedure Failed
01/30/2019House #6 Access to Information Failed
01/30/2019House #4 Adequate Review Time of Bills Before Committee Vote Failed
01/30/2019House #3 Adequate Review Time of Amendments Before a Vote Failed
01/30/2019House #2 Adequate Time to Review Bills Before a Vote Failed