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2023-2024: 193rd Legislature

07/31/2023House #30 FY24 Budget Creating New Spending Programs Passed
04/24/2023House #17 Including New 4% Income Surtax Revenue in 62F Tax Rebate Law Trigger Failed
04/13/2023House #14 Protect 62F Tax Cap and Rebate Law Failed
04/13/2023House #16 Flawed Tax Reform Package Changes 62F into Wealth Redistribution Passed
02/01/2023House #4 Increase Transparency by Implementing Minimum Review Time of Late Amendments Failed
02/01/2023House #5 Increase Review Time for Consolidated Amendments Failed
02/01/2023House #7 Timely Local Aide Estimates for Cities and Towns Failed
02/01/2023House #8 One Week Notice for Legislative Hearings Failed