Jennifer L. Flanagan


Worcester and Middlesex


Jennifer L. Flanagan Score




2017-2018: 190th Legislature

09/28/2017Senate #80 Override the Governor’s veto on Correctional Legal Services Passed
07/26/2017Senate #68 Reject Governor Baker's MassHealth Reform Package Passed
07/07/2017Senate #57 Suspending the Rules to Evade Transparency Passed
07/07/2017Senate #58 FY18 Conference Committee Report Passed
06/14/2017Senate #47 Prop. 80: An 80 percent tax for some earners and the implementation of the graduated income tax Passed
05/25/2017Senate #46 FY18 Budget Passed
02/02/2017Senate #9 Overriding Governor's Veto of Pay Raises Passed
02/02/2017Senate #3 Improve Transparency and Integrity in Informal Sessions Passed
02/02/2017Senate #4 Advanced Release of Legislative Calendar Passed
02/02/2017Senate #5 Letting Committee Members Read Bills Before Voting on Them Passed
02/02/2017Senate #7 Requires Unanimous Consent to Meet Past Midnight Failed
02/02/2017Senate # 8 Timely Local Aid Notification Failed
01/26/2017Senate #2 Pay Raises for Public Officials Passed