Unions Should Have Responsibility to Protect Private Contact Information House #65

Vote Description

This was a vote on amendment seven to H.3854, An Act relative to collective bargaining dues. This amendment would require public sector unions to issue identity theft monitoring and take liability of shared information of public sector workers whose personal information they obtain.

Mass Fiscal Explanation

Mass Fiscal supports a vote in favor of this amendment to protect the privacy of public workers. Link to bill: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/191/H3854 Link to Journal where roll call number 65 can be entered to see original vote sheet: https://malegislature.gov/Journal/House

Mass Fiscal's Stance

Fiscal Responsibility Vote

Good Government Vote

Vote result on 06/05/2019




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James ArcieroSecond Middlesex 2%
Brian M. AsheSecond Hampden 6%
Bruce J. AyersFirst Norfolk 4%
Ruth B. BalserTwelfth Middlesex 2%
Christine P. Barber34th Middlesex 0%
John BarrettFirst Berkshire 2%
F. Jay BarrowsFirst Bristol 81%
Jennifer E. BensonThirty-Seventh Middlesex 0%
Donnie R. Berthiaume5th Worcester 85%
David Biele4th Suffolk 2%
Natalie Blais1st Franklin 2%
Nicholas A. BoldygaThird Hampden 84%
Paul A. BrodeurThirty-Second Middlesex 0%
Antonio F.D. CabralThirteenth Bristol 2%
Dan CahillTenth Essex 2%
Linda Dean CampbellFifteenth Essex 2%
Pete Capano11th Essex 0%
Dan Carey2rd Hampshire 2%
Gerard Cassidy9th Plymouth 2%
Tackey ChanSecond Norfolk 2%
Michelle Ciccolo15th Middlesex 2%
Mike Connolly26th Middlesex 23%
Edward F. CoppingerTenth Suffolk 2%
William Crocker2nd Barnstable 79%
Claire D. CroninEleventh Plymouth 2%
Daniel Cullinane12th Suffolk 2%
Mark J. CusackFifth Norfolk 2%
Josh S. CutlerSixth Plymouth 2%
Angelo L. D'EmiliaEighth Plymouth 81%
Michael Day31st Middlesex 2%
Marjorie C. DeckerTwenty-Fifth Middlesex 2%
David F. DeCoste5th Plymouth 79%
Robert A. DeLeoNineteenth Suffolk 2%
Marcos A. Devers16th Essex 2%
Mindy Domb3rd Hampshire 2%
Daniel M. Donahue16th Worcester 2%
Paul J. DonatoThirty-Fifth Middlesex 2%
Shawn Dooley9th Norfolk 94%
William Driscoll7th Norfolk 2%
Michelle M. DuBois10th Plymouth 4%
Peter DurantSixth Worcester 83%
Carolyn C. DykemaEighth Middlesex 2%
Lori A. EhrlichEighth Essex 2%
Nika Elugardo15th Suffolk 17%
Tricia Farley-BouvierThird Berkshire 2%
Kimberly N. FergusonFirst Worcester 74%
Dylan FernandesBarnstable, Dukes and Nantucket 2%
Ann-Margaret FerranteFifth Essex 4%
Michael J. FinnSixth Hampden 4%
Carole Fiola6th Bristol 2%
Paul K. FrostSeventh Worcester 83%
William C. GalvinSixth Norfolk 4%
Sean GarballeyTwenty-Third Middlesex 2%
Denise C. GarlickThirteenth Norfolk 2%
Colleen M. GarryThirty-Sixth Middlesex 49%
Carmine Gentile13th Middlesex 9%
Susan Williams GiffordSecond Plymouth 81%
Thomas A. GoldenSixteenth Middlesex 2%
Carlos Gonzalez10th Hampden 2%
Ken GordonTwenty-First Middlesex 2%
Tami Gouveia14th Middlesex 21%
Danielle W. GregoireFourth Middlesex 4%
Patricia A. HaddadFifth Bristol 2%
Richard Haggerty30th Middlesex 2%
Sheila C. HarringtonFirst Middlesex 79%
James HawkinsSecond Bristol 2%
Stephan Hay3rd Worcester 0%
Jonathan HechtTwenty-Ninth Middlesex 21%
Chris Hendricks11th Bristol 0%
Natalie Higgins4th Worcester 11%
Bradford HillFourth Essex 79%
Kate HoganThird Middlesex 2%
Russell E. HolmesSixth Suffolk 26%
Kevin G. HonanSeventeenth Suffolk 0%
Steven S. HowittFourth Bristol 81%
Daniel Hunt13th Suffolk 2%
Randy HuntFifth Barnstable 82%
Bradley H. JonesTwentieth Middlesex 77%
Louis L. KafkaEighth Norfolk 2%
Hannah Kane11th Worcester 77%
Patrick Kearney4th Plymouth 36%
Mary S. KeefeFifteenth Worcester 2%
James M. Kelcourse1st Essex 74%
Kay KhanEleventh Middlesex 2%
Kathy LaNatra12th Plymouth 2%
John J. LawnTenth Middlesex 2%
David LeBoeuf17th Worcester 6%
Jack Patrick Lewis7th Middlesex 11%
David Paul LinskyFifth Middlesex 2%
Jay LivingstoneEighth Suffolk 2%
Marc T. LombardoTwenty-Second Middlesex 86%
Adrian Madaro1st Suffolk 2%
John J. MahoneyThirteenth Worcester 2%
Elizabeth A. MaliaEleventh Suffolk 4%
Ronald MarianoThird Norfolk 2%
Paul W. MarkSecond Berkshire 0%
Christopher M. MarkeyNinth Bristol 6%
Joseph W. McGonagle28th Middlesex 2%
Joseph D. McKenna18th Worcester 83%
Paul McMurtryEleventh Norfolk 2%
Joan Meschino3rd Plymouth 2%
Aaron M. MichlewitzThird Suffolk 2%
Christina Minicucci14th Essex 15%
Liz Miranda5th Suffolk 3%
Lenny MirraSecond Essex 77%
Rady Mom18th Middlesex 2%
Frank A. MoranSeventeenth Essex 2%
Michael J. MoranEighteenth Suffolk 2%
David Muradian9th Worcester 77%
Mathew J. Muratore1st Plymouth 77%
James M. MurphyFourth Norfolk 2%
Brian Murray10th Worcester 2%
David M. NangleSeventeenth Middlesex 2%
Harold P. NaughtonTwelfth Worcester 3%
Tram Nguyen18th Essex 2%
Shaunna O'ConnellThird Bristol 81%
James J. O'DayFourteenth Worcester 2%
Norm Orrall12th Bristol 79%
Jerald A. ParisellaSixth Essex 2%
Sarah K. PeakeFourth Barnstable 2%
Alice Hanlon PeischFourteenth Norfolk 2%
Thomas M. PetrolatiSeventh Hampden 2%
William Smitty PignatelliFourth Berkshire 2%
Elizabeth A. PoirierFourteenth Bristol 81%
Denise ProvostTwenty-Seventh Middlesex 23%
Angelo J. PuppoloTwelfth Hampden 5%
David Robertson19th Middlesex 17%
Maria Robinson6th Middlesex 21%
David M. RogersTwenty-Fourth Middlesex 2%
John H. RogersTwelfth Norfolk 25%
Jeffrey N. RoyTenth Norfolk 2%
Daniel Ryan2nd Suffolk 2%
Lindsay Sabadosa1st Hampshire 21%
Jon Santiago9th Suffolk 2%
Angelo M. ScacciaFourteenth Suffolk 25%
Paul A. SchmidEighth Bristol 2%
Alan SilviaSeventh Bristol 2%
Todd M. SmolaFirst Hampden 77%
Michael Soter8th Worcester 80%
Theodore C. SpeliotisThirteenth Essex 2%
Thomas M. StanleyNinth Middlesex 2%
William M. StrausTenth Bristol 4%
Alyson Sullivan-Almeida7th Plymouth 81%
Jose F. Tosado9th Hampden 2%
Paul F. Tucker6th Essex 2%
Chynah Tyler7th Suffolk 2%
Steven Ultrino33rd Middlesex 0%
Andy VargasThird Essex 2%
Aaron VegaFifth Hampden 0%
John Velis2nd Hampden and Hampshire 27%
David T. VieiraThird Barnstable 73%
RoseLee Vincent16th Suffolk 2%
Tommy Vitolo15th Norfolk 2%
Joseph F. WagnerEighth Hampden 2%
Tom Walsh12th Essex 4%
Timothy R. Whelan1st Barnstable 69%
Susannah M. Whipps2nd Franklin 9%
Bud Williams11th Hampden 2%
Donald H. WongNinth Essex 77%
Jonathan D. ZlotnikSecond Worcester 21%