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2021-2022: 192nd Legislature

07/28/2021House #88 Further Delay Implementation of Charitable Giving Tax Deduction Passed
07/07/2021House #56 Term Limits for House Speaker Failed
07/07/2021House #58 Two Hours to Review Bills in Committee Before Vote Failed
07/07/2021House #60 Time to Review Consolidated Amendments Failed
07/07/2021House #61 Posting Committee Votes Online Failed
07/07/2021House #62 Public Committee Votes Failed
07/07/2021House #63 Review Period for Released Bills Failed
07/07/2021House #64 House Permanent Rules for 2021-2022 Session Passed
06/30/2021House #52 Vote to Increase Cost of New Soldiers Home Passed
06/09/2021House #38 Forwarding a Constitutional Amendment for a Graduated Income Tax Passed
03/18/2021House #15 Slightly Amended Climate Change Bill Passed
02/24/2021House #5 Making Committees more Transparent Failed
02/24/2021House #6 More Time for Committee Votes Failed
02/24/2021House #7 Transparency in Spending Failed
02/24/2021House #8 Time to Review Conference Committee Reports Failed
01/28/2021House #3 An Act Creating a Roadmap to Net-Zero by 2050 Passed