Override the Governor’s veto of RAFT Vote House #544

Bill Description

This vote was to override the governor’s veto of the reduction of line item 7004-9316, Municipal Regionalization and Efficiencies Incentive Reserve, to the bill H.4450, the FY17 budget.

Mass Fiscal Position

Mass Fiscal would have voted against overriding the governor’s veto in order to promote fiscal responsibility.

Mass Fiscal Stance

Vote result on 07-30-2016



Vote Record

District Rep Name Party Score Vote
Ninth Plymouth Michael D. Brady Democrat 13% Not Present
Eighth Middlesex Carolyn C. Dykema Democrat 3%
Third Hampden Nicholas A. Boldyga Republican 79%
Second Middlesex James Arciero Democrat 3%
Second Hampden Brian M. Ashe Democrat 3%
Fourteenth Middlesex Cory Atkins Democrat 2%
First Bristol F. Jay Barrows Republican 82%
Third Plymouth Garrett J. Bradley Democrat 10% Not Present
Thirteenth Bristol Antonio F.D. Cabral Democrat 2%
Fifth Norfolk Mark J. Cusack Democrat 2%
Nineteenth Suffolk Robert A. DeLeo Democrat 2%
Third Essex Brian S. Dempsey Democrat 2%
Thirty-Fifth Middlesex Paul J. Donato Democrat 2%
Sixth Norfolk William C. Galvin Democrat 3%
Eighth Norfolk Louis L. Kafka Democrat 2%
Fifth Middlesex David Paul Linsky Democrat 2%
Fifteenth Suffolk Jeffrey Sanchez Democrat 2%
Seventh Middlesex Tom Sannicandro Democrat 2%
Twenty-Fifth Middlesex Marjorie C. Decker Democrat 2%
Seventeenth Essex Frank A. Moran Democrat 2%

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