Override the Governor’s veto of Elder Home Care Purchased Services Vote House #527

Bill Description

This vote was to override the governor’s veto of the reduction of line item 9110-1630, Elder Home Care Purchased Services, to the bill H.4450, the FY17 budget by $10,000.

Mass Fiscal Position

Mass Fiscal would have voted against overriding the governor’s veto in order to promote fiscal responsibility.

Mass Fiscal Stance

Vote result on 07-30-2016



Vote Record

District Rep Name Party Score Vote
Ninth Plymouth Michael D. Brady Democrat 13% Not Present
Eighth Middlesex Carolyn C. Dykema Democrat 3%
Third Hampden Nicholas A. Boldyga Republican 79%
Second Middlesex James Arciero Democrat 3%
Second Hampden Brian M. Ashe Democrat 3%
Fourteenth Middlesex Cory Atkins Democrat 2%
First Bristol F. Jay Barrows Republican 82%
Third Plymouth Garrett J. Bradley Democrat 10% Not Present
Thirteenth Bristol Antonio F.D. Cabral Democrat 2%
Fifth Norfolk Mark J. Cusack Democrat 2%
Nineteenth Suffolk Robert A. DeLeo Democrat 2%
Third Essex Brian S. Dempsey Democrat 2%
Thirty-Fifth Middlesex Paul J. Donato Democrat 2%
Sixth Norfolk William C. Galvin Democrat 3%
Eighth Norfolk Louis L. Kafka Democrat 2%
Fifth Middlesex David Paul Linsky Democrat 2%
Fifteenth Suffolk Jeffrey Sanchez Democrat 2%
Seventh Middlesex Tom Sannicandro Democrat 2%
Twenty-Fifth Middlesex Marjorie C. Decker Democrat 2%
Seventeenth Essex Frank A. Moran Democrat 2%

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