2015-2016: 189th Legislature

Top Senate Legislators

89% 63x62-rhedlund

Robert L. Hedlund

Republican Plymouth and Norfolk
68% 63x62-rfattman

Ryan C. Fattman

Republican Worcester and Norfolk
64% 63x62-vdemacedo

Viriato Manuel deMacedo

Republican Plymouth and Barnstable
54% 63x62-btarr

Bruce E. Tarr

Republican First Essex and Middlesex
50% 63x62-rross

Richard J. Ross

Republican Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex

Top House Legislators

97% 63x62-lcole

Leah Cole

Republican 12th Essex
95% 63x62-mlombardo

Marc T. Lombardo

Republican Twenty-Second Middlesex
95% 63x62-jalyons

James J. Lyons

Republican Eighteenth Essex
92% 63x62-bjones

Bradley H. Jones

Republican Twentieth Middlesex
91% 63x62-dberthiaume

Donnie R. Berthiaume

Republican 5th Worcester

Bottom House Legislators

2% 63x62-catkins

Cory Atkins

Democrat Fourteenth Middlesex
1% No-photo

Tom Walsh

Democrat 12th Essex
0% No-photo

Stephen Hay

Democrat 3rd Worcester
0% No-photo

Gerald Cassidy

Democrat 9th Plymouth
0% No-photo

Dan Cahill

Democrat Tenth Essex

Bottom Senate Legislators

3% 63x62-ccreem

Cynthia Stone Creem

Democrat First Middlesex and Norfolk
3% 63x62-hchandler

Harriette L. Chandler

Democrat First Worcester
3% 63x62-mbarrett

Michael Barrett

Democrat Third Middlesex
1% 63x62-mbrady

Michael Brady

Democrat 2nd Plymouth and Bristol
0% No-photo

Joe Boncore

Democrat First Suffolk and Middlesex

House Average 19%

Senate Average 14%

The most recent votes are overrides of the Governor’s budget vetoes. To see other votes, click “here” to skip the override votes.

Latest Votes

Date Vote Bill Description Yes Votes No Votes Status Mass Fiscal's Stance
07/31/16 Senate #601 Override the Governor’s veto of Education Information Technology Costs 38 1 Passed No
07/31/16 Senate #602 Override the Governor’s veto of Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 38 2 Passed No
07/31/16 Senate #603 Override the Governor’s veto of Office of Literacy Programs 39 1 Passed No
07/31/16 Senate #604 Override the Governor’s veto of School Breakfast Program 38 1 Passed No
07/31/16 Senate #605 Override the Governor’s veto of Public School Military Mitigation 38 1 Passed No

Note: Some votes are labeled (Indefinite Study). Frequently, when legislators propose amendments, other lawmakers try to add a section which says that the amendment cannot take effect until a study of the impact has been completed. These studies are rarely intended to be completed. In many cases, this tactic is used to prevent votes on the original proposals.

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