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Votes for the 188th Session

Vote # Bill Description Status Mass Fiscal's Stance Legislator's Stance
H2015.1 24 Hour Review Time for Bills Failed Yes
H2015.2 Requiring 2/3 of the Legislature’s Votes to Spend Rainy Day Funds Failed Yes
H2015.3 Requiring Committee Votes to be Published Online Failed Yes
H2013.9 Requiring 24 Hours to Review Consolidated Budget Amendments Failed Yes
H2013.14 Getting Rid of Consolidated Budget Amendments Failed Yes
H2013.19 Equal Party Representation on Ethics Committee Failed Yes
H2013.25 Requiring 2/3 of the Legislature’s Votes to Raise Taxes Failed Yes
H55.28 Residency Requirements for Public Benefits Failed Yes
H55.35 Real Oversight of the Department of Transitional Assistance Failed Yes
H3382.45 Knowing How $500 Million in New and Higher Taxes will Affect the MA Economy Failed Yes
H3415.69 $500 Million in New and Higher Taxes Passed No
H3400.71 Roll Back the Income and Sales Taxes to 5% Over 5 Years Failed Yes
H3400.75 Increase Tax Credits for Septic System Updates Failed Yes
H3400.82 Foster and Adopted Children Reimbursement Failed Yes
H3400.96 Against Adding EBT Reforms to the Budget Passed No
H3400.99 Tighten Verification Requirements for Eligibility of State Housing Subsidies Failed Yes
H3400.100 Enforce All Penalties and Fines for EBT Violations of Recipients and Retailers Failed Yes
H3400.101 A Vote to Stifle Further EBT Reform Passed No
H3401.113 House FY14 Budget Passed No
H3492.122 Provide a Valid Social Security Number in Order to be Eligible for Public Housing Failed Yes
H3492.123 Restrictions on Who Receives Public Benefits Failed Yes
H3492.124 Not Allowing Self-Declaration as Proof of Residency Failed Yes
H3535.149 Conference Committee Transportation Finance Bill Raising Taxes by $500 Million Passed No
H3535.159 Vote to Raise Taxes $500 Million Passed No
H3556.160 Vote to Audit the DTA Failed Yes
H3662.227 Final Passage of an Act repealing the computer and software services taxes (House) Passed Yes
H3700.233 Hold Public Meetings Across State Before Raising Taxes Failed Yes
H3700.234 Require Six Public Hearings Before Raising Taxes Failed Yes
H3700.232 Auditing the Department of Transitional Assistance Failed Yes
H3728.238 Increasing Time To File Amendments To Welfare Reform Package Failed Yes
S1885.241 Preference for Veterans in Public Housing Passed No
S1806.245 Promoting Financial Literacy Failed Yes
S1806.247 Directly Contacting Employers to Verify Job Search Activities Failed Yes
S1806.248 Contacting Recipients About Out-of-Region Benefit Use Failed Yes
S1806.251 Tax Cut for Small Businesses That Hire Benefit Recipients Passed Yes
H3894.289 Amendment To Censure Carlos Henriquez Instead of Expelling Him Failed No
H3894.290 Resolution Expelling Carlos Henriquez Passed Yes
H3382.53 Removing the "Tech Tax" From the Transportation Finance Bill Failed Yes
H3452.147 Implementing the Affordable Care Act in Massachusetts Passed No
H3983.309 Reduce Proposed Taxable Wage Base for Unemployment Benefits Failed Yes
H3983.311 Reduce Maximum Length of Unemployment Benefits Failed Yes
H3983.310 Qualifications to Receive Maximum Unemployment Benefits Failed Yes
H3983.313 Reducing Penalties for Unintentional Violations of Wage Laws Failed Yes
H3983.314 Study the Economic Impact of the Proposed Minimum Wage Increase Failed Yes
H3983.315 Link Minimum Wage to Unemployment Rate Failed Yes
H3983.321 Increase The Minimum Wage to $10.50 (and for other purposes) Passed No
H3999.324 Allow Debate on Amendments to Increase Local Aid Failed Yes
H3999.325 Allow Amendments to Reform EBT and Other Programs Failed Yes
H3999.326 Allow Adequate Time to File Amendments to the Budget Failed Yes
H3999.327 Resolution Adopting Rules for Debating 2015 Budget Passed No
H4000.335 Exempting Municipalities From Gas Tax Increases (Indefinite Study) Passed No
H4000.336 Reducing the Sales Tax to 5% (Indefinite Study) Passed No
H4000.337 Reducing the Income Tax to 5% (Indefinite Study) Passed No
H4000.338 Paying Sales Tax Only On Sales Price (Indefinite Study) Passed No
H4000.339 Establishing a Commission to Investigate the Inventory Tax Passed Yes
H4000.340 Providing for a Temporary Tax Amnesty Passed Yes
H4000.341 Limiting the Effect of the Death Tax Failed Yes
H4000.346 Providing Property Tax Relief to Cities and Towns Failed Yes
H4000.348 Allocating Some Excess Revenue to Local Aid Failed Yes
H4000.368 Final Passage of the House Budget for 2015 Passed No
H4069.372 More Frequent Review of Regulations Failed Yes
H4069.374 Witholding Funds for HealthConnector Until Investigation is Complete Failed Yes
H4138.382 Consolidated Amendment to Environmental Bond Bill Passed No
H4138.383 Environmental Bond Bill Passed No
H4165.388 Sales Tax Holiday Passed Yes
H4165.389 Exemption from Minimum Excise Tax Payments Failed Yes
H4165.390 Meals Tax Holiday (Indefinite Study) Passed No
H4165.392 Final Passage of Stimulus Package Passed No
S2195.393 Conference Committee Report on Minimum Wage Increase (House Vote) Passed No
H4111.380 Boston Convention Center Expansion (House) Passed No
H4226.402 Closing Union Donation Loophole Failed Yes
H4226.403 An Act Pertaining to Campaign Finance Disclosure Passed No
H4242.410 Allowing Extra Time To Read the Budget Failed Yes
H4242.411 Final Passage of FY2015 Budget (Conference Report - House) Passed No
H4091.378 House Version of Charter School Expansion (House Vote) Passed Yes
H4308.423 Convention Center Conference Report (House Vote) Passed No
H4366.469 Conference Committee Report on Campaign Finance Bill (House Vote) Passed No
H4375.490 Conference Committee Report on Environmental Bond Bill (House Vote) Passed No

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