2013-2014: 188th Legislature

Top Senate Legislators

97% 63x62-rfattman

Ryan C. Fattman

Republican Worcester and Norfolk
95% 63x62-dhumason

Donald F. Humason

Republican Second Hampden and Hampshire
94% 63x62-rhedlund

Robert L. Hedlund

Republican Plymouth and Norfolk
94% 63x62-rross

Richard J. Ross

Republican Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex
94% 63x62-btarr

Bruce E. Tarr

Republican First Essex and Middlesex

Top House Legislators

100% 63x62-mlombardo

Marc T. Lombardo

Republican Twenty-Second Middlesex
100% 63x62-jalyons

James J. Lyons

Republican Eighteenth Essex
96% 63x62-gdiehl

Geoffrey G. Diehl

Republican Seventh Plymouth
96% No-photo

Daniel B. Winslow

Republican Ninth Norfolk
95% 63x62-kkuros

Kevin J. Kuros

Republican Eighth Worcester

Bottom House Legislators

5% 63x62-ascaccia

Angelo M. Scaccia

Democrat Fourteenth Suffolk
5% 63x62-kreinstein

Kathi-Anne Reinstein

Democrat Sixteenth Suffolk
5% 63x62-chenriquez

Carlos Henriquez

Democrat Fifth Suffolk
4% 63x62-gfox

Gloria L. Fox

Democrat Seventh Suffolk
0% No-photo

Martha M. Walz

Democrat Eighth Suffolk

Bottom Senate Legislators

10% 63x62-bdowning

Benjamin B. Downing

Democrat Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden
10% 63x62-kdonnelly

Kenneth J. Donnelly

Democrat Fourth Middlesex
10% 63x62-sdidomenico

Sal N. DiDomenico

Democrat Middlesex and Suffolk
10% 63x62-sbrewer

Stephen M. Brewer

Democrat Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex
9% 63x62-kclark

Katherine Clark

Democrat Fifth Middlesex

House Average 26%

Senate Average 30%

Latest Votes

Date Vote Bill Description Yes Votes No Votes Status Mass Fiscal's Stance
07/31/14 H4375.490 Conference Committee Report on Environmental Bond Bill (House Vote) 151 2 Passed No
07/31/14 H4375.490S Conference Committee Report on Environmental Bond Bill (Senate Vote) 39 0 Passed No
07/30/14 H4366.469 Conference Committee Report on Campaign Finance Bill (House Vote) 142 10 Passed No
07/30/14 H4366.458 Conference Committee Report on Campaign Finance Bill (Senate Vote) 38 1 Passed No
07/23/14 S2264.417 Closing Union Donation Loophole (Senate Vote) 10 28 Failed Yes

Note: Some votes are labeled (Indefinite Study). Frequently, when legislators propose amendments, other lawmakers try to add a section which says that the amendment cannot take effect until a study of the impact has been completed. These studies are rarely intended to be completed. In many cases, this tactic is used to prevent votes on the original proposals.

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